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Some of the topics discussed with my clients in sex therapy include but not limited to : sexual fluidity, unconventional relationship structures, sexual desire/frequency, LGBTQ2+ identity,erectile dysfunction,porn addiction, difficulty experiencing orgasm with sexual partners, stress and anxiety around performance and expectations ,struggles around desire, romance, loss of attraction and sexual boredom, body image concerns interfering with sexual expression ,porn, fetish, and gender expression. 


My main goal is to help my clients increase authenticity, playfulness, and trust in their intimate relationships. I’m a strong believer that sexual issues can have a huge impact in your life, although I believe that not discussing them can create other issues as well. I believe in working with you in a sex-positive, open-minded, and non-judgmental environment, were we can explore what’s leading to your sexual issues and provide you with tools and strategies to improve and make things better in your day to day life. Whatever your gender, identity, or orientation, we can tackle your concerns together. I’m extremely open minded and I believe that every individual is unique therefore a plan of action personalized for you and your goals will be created.

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