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Alexandra Bercea



Individual counselling offers help for a wide range of issues such as but not limited to depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, stress,panic attacks, abandonment , bullying, life changes,  low self esteem , feeling disconnected, grief , loss , fear, PTSD, jealousy , trust issues, divorce, guilt,shame, LGBTQ2S (“coming out”), trauma, grief, loneliness, crisis management and career counselling . 


I will support you to gain new skills, insights, and the ability to evolve and learn how to resolve and deal with overwhelming emotions and symptoms.



In couples counselling, we will work towards:

Finding new and improved ways to deal with conflict , without getting stuck in repetitive communication patterns. 

Building fondness and appreciation for your partner

Evolving together, leaving behind shame , and learning to be vulnerable and honest  to know your partner on a much deeper, more intimate level. 

Moving past relationship pain and gaining confidence in yourself and your relationship while building the truest that  was once broken. 



Some of the topics discussed with my clients in sex therapy include but not limited to : sexual fluidity, unconventional relationship structures, sexual desire/frequency, LGBTQ2+ identity,erectile dysfunction,porn addiction, difficulty experiencing orgasm with sexual partners, stress and anxiety around performance and expectations ,struggles around desire, romance, loss of attraction and sexual boredom,

body image concerns interfering with sexual expression , fetish, and gender expression. 


My main goal is to help my clients increase authenticity, playfulness, and trust in their intimate relationships. I’m a strong believer that sexual issues can have a huge impact in your life, although I believe that not discussing them can create other issues as well. I believe in working with you in a sex-positive, open-minded, and non-judgmental environment, were we can explore what’s leading to your sexual issues and provide you with tools and strategies to improve and make things better in your day to day life. Whatever your gender, identity, or orientation, we can tackle your concerns together. I’m extremely open minded and I believe that every individual is unique therefore a plan of action personalized for you and your goals will be created.


Group Therapy

Family sessions are best described as safe conversations with a purpose. The purpose is oriented towards validation, collaboration, and developing mutual understanding, and workable solutions to what’s troubling the family in the present. With a collaborative approach with family members, I take time to understand each person’s perspective, and then working together with families to prioritize and find achievable steps forward. Some conversations focus on family members’ meaning of events and interactions. The work happens together, with both parties playing an active role. My main goal is trying to work diligently to keep a safe environment so everyone can have a positive impact during our sessions.  

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Helping Hearts Counselling is underpinned by the belief that you, the client, are the expert in your own life. As your counselor, I will work with you in a solution focused, goal oriented way in an effort to understand your goals and hopes for counselling. Together, we will identify areas for further focus and exploration, working to meet your goals and make concrete progress towards them. I often use Cognitive Behavioral techniques which helps to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel. It's a useful tool in overcoming issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as many others. I’m also training in Existential Analysis Psychotherapy and I often mix therapy techniques that are best suited for you. Some therapy approaches I often use but not limited to is CBT, Existential Therapy , Play therapy (when working with children), Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Gestalt, Psychoanalysis  and dream work. I believe counselling can help find hope and help to clear your mind in any situation. I believe you can take this first step . Remember you are not alone I am here to support you along this journey.  I look forward to meeting you and exploring your hopes and goals for yourself.

I also offer a 20 min  free phone consultation/zoom before your first session. 


About me

My name is Alexandra Bercea, I am a Registered Professional Counsellor and I work to gently challenge you towards personal growth.  I have over 10 years’ experience working in the medical field and over 7 years in the mental health field.

I am a professional, counsellor working with individuals, couples and families. I enjoy helping people overcome their difficulties and achieve the life they want to live.


I believe we all need a helping hand, and we can all help each other in some small way. Being a therapist means being able to reach out and take someone’s hand and provide consistency and stability while they navigate the hard stuff. 

I love being able to created a safe environment for my clients to be free to be themselves . 

My experience working with Alexandra has been incredibly rewarding. Alexandra treats our sessions with respect, care, and insight; she creates  nonjudgmental  environment,
and helps make sense of what can seem like chaos. In this sense, working with Alexandra
has been astoundingly liberating. 
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